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Our Domain Validated SSL Certificate options



  • Standard 256-bit Domain Validated
  • Static Site seal
  • Mobile browser Compatible
  • Single Domain Name
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Comodo Essential SSL

  • Single Domain SSL
  • Signed with a 2048-bit root
  • 128/256 bit Encryption
  • Includes COMODO Static Site Seal
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Thawte SSL123

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Most popular Domain Validated SSL
  • Site Seal from Thawte
  • A Complete 30 days refund policy
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All of our SSL certificates include

  • Instant activation within minutes.
  • Compatibility with all control panels.
  • Annual auto renewal
  • Full installation support
  • User friendly process
  • 3 Step control panel setup

Why order your SSL with oXnames?

Here at oXnames we will do what many others will not. We will install your SSL certificate for you free of charge as part of our service. If you are having trouble or getting stuck no need to worry - We got you.

All of our certificates can be activated and setup instantly through our API using the oXnames portal within minutes, once your payment is made your SSL will be activated.

You can also order our Certificates for up to 5 years paid in advance, saving yourself any hassle of renewing each year. If you ever have any questions or concerns just drop us an email - We will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once you submit a support ticket for us to install your SSL, one of our UK support team agents will usually handle the installation within 2 hours.

  • Each hosting control panel is different so there is not a simple answer. However after your SSL is activated you will get a full instruction guide through email on how to install your own certificate.

  • When you first ordered your certificate, an expiration date will be encoded by the Certificate Authority which cannot be changed. 30 Days prior to expiration you will need to follow the renewal process and update the certificate on your server.

  • If you ever switch hosting providers you may need to re-issue your SSL Certificate - Our customer portal has this option built in and you can re-issue your certificate in a matter of minutes.

  • It is pretty much mandatory these days. Since google changed the way their browsers work any website displayed without a valid SSL or https will show in your browser as (not secure) and it does not look good for users. Having the SSL will also improve your rating with google.

  • When checking out we currently only have 2 options - We currently accept UK bank transfers, the details will be displayed on each invoice. You may also pay via any debit or credit card instantly.